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Upcoming Virtual Genealogy Conference

We Are Cousins is Having it's 2nd Virtual Conference

September 15-17, 2021

Enjoy three days of learning from the comfort of your own home. Can't make it those days? We got you covered. All presentations will be recorded and available at our conference website, September 18 through November 30, 2021.

Find Your Ancestors All You Need in One Book

Start the right and fast way. Get our book so that you can start searching for your ancestors with a solid foundation.

Discover your ancestors and find out who you are. This book will provide you with everything you need.

  • Easy and simple instruction for searching, collecting, and sharing genealogical records.
  • Excellent links and resources for discovering a wide range of vital, religious, and civil records.
  • Learn how to collect and research local events and history in an ancestors location
  • Learn how to research in news papers, social media networking, and tracking down military service records.

This book presents information in a clear and concise manner and everything you need to know about Mexican Genealogical research will be right at your finger tips.

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Don't leave our website without checking out projects. In the first one, you will find resource pages for every Mexican State to help you find your ancestors. In the second one, you will find links to all of our Facebook communities by Mexican State. 

How our Mexican Genealogy Website Got Started

The Mexican Genealogy blog started back in June 1, 2012 in response to readers of We Are Cousins request for genealogical resources for Mexico. 

Many of our readers also wanted to know how to do genealogy research for Mexico. In fact, in our first year our focus was putting together posts to help anyone get started with Mexican Genealogy research. 

We have grown to became one of the best resources to get anyone started with Mexican Genealogy. We are a one stop for anyone in search of their Mexican or Spanish Colonial Mexico, roots and ancestry.

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