Welcome to our book section, here you will find a short description of my book and below it you will find a listing of all the blog posts that I have written about books. Many of them are free to download or read online. 

Find Your Ancestors All You Need in One Book

Start the right and fast way. Get our book so that you can start searching for your ancestors with a solid foundation.

Discover your ancestors and find out who you are. This book will provide you with everything you need.

  • Easy and simple instruction for searching, collecting, and sharing genealogical records.
  • Excellent links and resources for discovering a wide range of vital, religious, and civil records.
  • Learn how to collect and research local events and history in an ancestors location
  • Learn how to research in news papers, social media networking, and tracking down military service records.

This book presents information in a clear and concise manner and everything you need to know about Mexican Genealogical research will be right at your finger tips.

Browse Through All of My Posts About Books

Below are all the blog posts that I have written to date about books that can help you find your ancestors. They are in order by that date that I posted them on this website. Have fun reading!

Genealogy Standards
Mastering Spanish Handwriting and Documents 1520-1820
Four Great Mexican Dynasties
Locating Your Mexican Ancestors Ranch or Town In Mexico Prior to 1888
Genealogy of the Illustrious House of Sousa
Three Conquistadors and Settlers of New Spain
Luis de Carvajal and the Mexican Inquisition
The Descendants of Christopher Columbus
Biografias de Mexicanos Distinguidos
Historia Genealogica Nueva España Y Mexico
Armorial of the Indigenous Nobles of New Spain
Caballeros de la Orden de Santiago 1501 to 1901
A Description of The Kingdom of New Spain
Testamentos and Autos de Bienes De Difuntos Zacatecas 1550 – 1604
Last Names of Nuevo Leon Book Series
Diccionario Biografico del Occidente Novohispano
Conquistadors and Land Titles of Jalisco
The House of Cabrera in Cordoba
The Last Conquistador Juan de Onate
Moctezuma’s Children: Aztec Royalty under Spanish Rule 1520–1700
The Golden Book of the Spanish Nobility
The Genealogy of the Oldest Families of Mexico
Founders of Nueva Galicia
Guide to Materials in the Principal Archives of Mexico
Descendants of Conquistadors and First Spanish Settlers of New Spain
The Manuscripts of Luis de Carvajal
Nobilario de los Reinos y Titulos de España
Genealogical Research in Medieval Asturias
Listas de Pasajeros a Indias, Passenger Lists to the Indies
Hispanic American Genealogical Sourcebook
Hispanic Surnames and Family History
How to Easily Find Census Records for Mexico
Guide to the Microfilm Collection of the Archivos Históricos del Arzobispado de Durango
Learn More About DNA Testing for Genealogy
Historia de la Conquista de Mexico – History of the Conquest of Mexico
FREE eBook on South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy
The Slave Trade
The True History of the Conquest of New Spain
Finding Your Mexican Ancestors A Beginner’s Guide
Spanish Records Extraction An Instructional Guide
The Golden Empire Spain, Charles V, and The Creation of America
The Rise of the Spanish Empire, From Columbus to Magellan
Learn How to Decipher Spanish Documents From the Twelve Through the Seventeenth Centuries
The Women of Colonial Latin America
Indice y extractos de los Protocolos del Archivo de Notarias de Mexico, D. F. (1524-1528, 1536-1538, 1551-1553)
The Encomenderos of New Spain 1521 – 1555
Who is Who of the Conquistadors
Libro de Matrimonios de Reynosa 1790 – 1811
Our Afro-Mexican Ancestry
Guide to the Church Archives of Spain
The Spanish Archives of New Mexico
Research Outline, “A Look At Spanish Genealogical Research”
Available Books From The Genealogical Society of Hispanic America – Southern California Chapter
Historical Flags of Mexico Banderas Historicas Mexicanas
Great Battles of Mexican Independence and Revolution
Basques in the Americas From 1492 to 1892
Catalogs of the Municipal Archives of Saltillo
The Digital Library of The Archives of Sinaloa
History of the North Mexican States in Two Volumes
Major Genealogical Record Sources In Mexico
Sagrada Mitra de Guadalajara Antiguo Obispado de la Nueva Galicia

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