August 29, 2018

The Golden Book of the Spanish Nobility
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

A few weeks ago I ran across some books that will interest you. The Golden Book of the Spanish Nobility is actually a six-volume set.

It is free to download and it has been an invaluable resource for researching the ancestors of my 13th great-grandparents Lope de Sosa and Ines Cabrera.

The real title of these volumes is Blason de Espana: Libro de orode su nobleza: Resena Genealogica y Descriptiva de la Casa Real y Grandeza de Espana y los Titulos de Castilla.

Ok, that is a mouthful and thus I came up with the title The Golden Book of the Spanish Nobility.

Volume III provided the clues to further research my ancestors. Using this books and others that I will share at a later date, I have been able to trace some lines up to 23 generations.

So, if you have found ancestors that were born in Spain or came from Spain then these books are worth searching.

The Golden Book of the Spanish Nobility

Here are the links to download all six volumes, but be aware that they are cut in half. Also be aware that I am not hosting these ebooks on my server and are simply linking to the website that has them.

Blason de Espana Tomo I – Part 1 & Part 2

Blason de Espana Tomo II – Part 1 & Part 2

Blason de Espana Tomo III – Part 1 & Part 2

Blason de Espana Tomo Iv – Part 1 & Part 2

Blason de Espana Tomo V – Part 1 & Part 2

Blason de Espana Tomo VI – Part 1 & Part 2

You can also find these links on the website that is hosting them Biblioteca Digital Floridablanca

I hope that you download these ebooks and save them to your computer. Also if you find ancestors in them let me know.

Other eBooks That May Be of Interest to You

Descendants of Conquistadors and First Spanish Settlers of New Spain

Nobilario de los Reinos y Titulos de España

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  1. should be dinteresting reading, now that I’m retired I find more to occupy my time than when I was working. Will put this email in my Genealogy file. Thanks, Moi

  2. Hello Moises, you wanted to know if my relatives were in this book. Well, if Lope de Sosa and Inés Cabrera are in the book, then yes my relatives are in it as they are my 17th great grandparents. I just started going through the first volume and just 118 pages into it I found my 16th great grandfather Carlos Ramírez de Arellano, who is apparently a Conde de Aguilar de Inestrillas. So, thanks for sharing these books, they’ll certainly keep me busy updating my family tree

  3. I’d like to share this page with a friend, who’s family is from Spain. How can I do that (I don’t see a share button).

  4. Hi, Moises! Did you happen to see the Dias/Blea/Porras surnames? I am a decendent of Tomas Dias Blea and Lucia de Porras.

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