September 4, 2019

Historia Genealogica de los titulos y dignidades nobilarias en Nueva Espana y Mexico
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

In this post, you will find two books by Jose Ignacio Conde and Javier Sanchiz Ruiz titled Historia Genealogica de los titulos y dignidades nobilarias en Nueva España y Mexico Volume one and Volume two. I first learned about these books in our Distrito Federal Facebook group.

I bought them thinking that they would be a great addition to my genealogical library and they turned out to be and much more.

Volume one has several references to Agustin de Zavala who was the Captain General of El Nuevo Reino from 1611 - 1615. His son Martin de Zavala, is half brother to my ancestor Jacinto Garcia de Sepulveda. Their mother was Ana de Sepulveda.

The book also has several references to my ancestor Lope de Sosa and mentions several of his daughters and whom they married.

Below you can see the table of contents to both books. Volume one, the Marqués del Valle de Oaxaca, are the descendants of Hernan Cortez.

These two books are free to read online since they are being hosted online by the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. I also have included links of where you can buy a copy of the printed books. I hope you like them and find them useful.

Book Covers of Volume One and Volume 2

Description of Books by The Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

During the viceregal period, the granting of nobility titles by the Castilian crown to a few inhabitants of New Spain, peninsular residents and creoles, contributed to the moving up in the social ladder of those who were granted with that honour. Due to the limited number of titles granted, the titles of Duke, Marquis, Count, Viscount, and Baron were some of the greatest honours bestowed by the monarch upon his subjects, who were selected based on their personal merits, their nobility background, and the services provided to the crown by themselves or their ancestors. In a society clearly classified and marked by the granting of diverse privileges, conquerors, bureaucrats, military people, and traders aspired to be part of the nobility. This study compiles the inheritance of these nobility titles to date as well as several tricks and falsifications carried out during the twentieth century in order to restore them. This study also includes works on the familiar groups of the different title holders, covering the complex social net composed of three descendant generations in each group.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Volume 1



I. Marqués del Valle de Oaxaca

II. Marqués de Salinas de Río Pisuerga

III. Conde de Santiago de Calimaya

IV. Marqués de Villamayor de las Ibernias

Referencias bibliográficas

Crédito de ilustraciones

Table of Contents Volume II


I. Vizconde de San Miguel

II. Vizconde de Ilucan

III. Conde del Valle de Orizaba

IV. Conde de Moctezuma de Tultengo

V. Conde de Marcel de Peñalba

Apéndice. Carta de creación del título de Conde de Marcel de Peñalba

Get Printed Copies of This Book

Below are the links to Amazon where you can buy the printed copies of the books.

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