June 12, 2019

Armorial of the Indigenous Nobles of New Spain
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

In this post, you will find an eBook about the Armorial of the Indigenous Nobles of New Spain. In other words their coat of arms and royal decrees.

I came across this eBook a few months back while researching my own ancestors. The book contains 25 coat of arms that where issued by the Spanish crown to Indigenous Nobles of New Spain from 1534-1588.

Twelve of them are to Tlaxcaltecans for the services and help rendered to Hernan Cortez. The genealogical information that you can find in the book is none. But, I am sharing the book because I know that some of our readers are descendants of some of the people mentioned in it.

If you are one of them, then this book can offer clues as to where to go looking for more records. For the rest of us, it is another resource where we can quickly check for names of our ancestors.

Below is the cover of the book and the link where to get a copy of the book. Also further down is a list of the names that appear on the book.

Armorial of the Indigenous Nobles of New Spain

Armorial of the Indigenous Nobles of New Spain

Table of Contents

Below are the names that appear on the book. The number at the beginning is the section title of the person and the date indicates when the crest was granted to that particular person.

124 Fernando de Tapia - Febrero 6 de 1535
125 Don Martín Cortés de Moctezuma - Febrero 16 de 1536
126 Don Francisco - Febrero 16 de 1536
127 Don Diego - Diciembre 23 de 1546
128 Don Hernando Pimentel - Febrero 21 de 1551
129 Don Juan - Septiembre 4 de 1551
130 Don Diego de Mendoza - Febrero 8 de 1562
131 Don Antonio de la Cadena - Agosto 16 de 1563
132 Don Pablo de Castilla - Agosto 16 de 1563
133 Don Juan de la Cerda - Agosto 16 de 1563
134 Don Lucas Ponce de León - Agosto 16 de 1563
135 Don Antonio de Guevara - Agosto 16 de 1563
136 Don Juan Manrique de Lara - Agosto 16 de 1563
137 Don Francisco de Mendoza - Agosto 16 de 1563
138 Don Alonso Sarmiento - Agosto 16 de 1563
139 Don Gerónimo del Águila - Marzo 3 de 1564
140 Don Antonio Cortés - Marzo 3 de 1564
141 Don Pedro de Moctezuma - Septiembre 11 de 1570
142 Don Zacarías de Santiago - Mayo 20 de 1585
143 Don Diego Téllez - Mayo 20 de 1585
144 Don Pedro de Torres de Paredes - Mayo 20 de 1585
145 Don Francisco Verdugo - (Sin día ni mes) 1588

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  1. Had a chance to scroll through both links, and all i can say is wow! Everyday, i learn something new. Thank you, very enlightening.

  2. The GALAVIS coat of arms depicts bare chested native Indian man with bands on his arms and his hair with a band.
    There are no castles, lions or trees on the coat of arms. What might this indicate. The entire crest is that
    bare chested Indian. My grandfather is Galaviz and his dna (Y) results indicate indigenous, not European.
    Thank you.

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