May 3, 2017

Listas de Pasajeros a Indias, Passenger Lists to the Indies
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

Listas de Pasajeros a Indias, Passenger Lists to the Indies are a great resource. Has your genealogy research provided you with ancestors from Spain?

If you have done extensive research then your answer is more than likely a yes.

Have you also ever wondered if there are any lists of the people that left Spain for America?

I had this same question and if your answer is yes then you will love this resource “Catálogo de Pasajeros a Indias Durante los Siglos XVI, XVII y XVIII”.

Translated into English they are the Passenger Catalogs to the Indies during the XVI, XVII y XVIII Centuries. These catalogs are a genealogical treasure.

I have mentioned them in the past, several times, and they have also been mentioned in our Facebook group recently.

The difference now is that Jaime Vasquez has provided the links to the four missing Catalogs that were not available before. Juan Enrique Urtado Rojas has also shared two volumes that have the whole list compiled into them.

These Catalogs basically indexes of everyone that got registered to travel to the new world and are comprised of various volumes. Below you can see which book covers what dates in the first seven.

Listas de Pasajeros a Indias, Passenger Lists to the Indies

Here are the links so that you can download them.

V. 1. 1509-1534 – Download

v. 2. 1535-1538 – Download

v. 3. 1539-1559 – Download

v. 4. 1560-1566 – Download

V. 5. 1567-1577 – Part 1  Download – Part 2 Download

v. 6. 1578-1585 – Download – Special thanks to Sergio Andres Elizondo for providing the source for this ebook.

v. 7. 1586-1599 – Download – Special thanks to Sergio Andres Elizondo for providing the source for this ebook.

Vol. 1-3 was copiled unde rthe direction of Cristóbal Bermúdez Plata; vol. 4-5 by Luis Romero Iruela y María del Carmen Galbis Díez; and vol. 6-7 by María del Carmen Galbis Díez.

Listas de Pasajeros a Indias, Passenger Lists to the Indies in Two Volumes

This is the link that Juan shared, it contains all the catalogs.

Pasajeros a Indias 1492 – 1592 – View

What You Can Expect to Find with these Listas de Pasajeros a Indias, Passenger Lists to the Indies

These catalogs are extremely important for Genealogical research.

They will provide you with additional clues and you will have the exact data that someone traveled to Mexico or la Nueva Espana as it was known during this time period.

Below is a sample of what you can expect to find.

Finding Listas de Pasajeros a Indias, Passenger Lists to the Indies Online

Now you can search for these records online at PARES. You can learn more about PARES with the two following resources.

PARES, The Online Portal To The Archives of Spain

PARES Portal de Archivos Españoles

Ok, now that you know more at pares, here is the link to do a search.

Guide to Spanish Immigration Records

Here is also a great little book that I came across that mentions other types of immigration records available from Spain.

Download Guide

Well, there you have it. those are it this is everything that I know about immigration records from Spain. If you come across volumes 6 and 7 online let me know so that I may add the links here.

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  1. This is such a great resource. However, I’m in need of passenger lists from the late 1700’s from Spain to New Spain.

  2. Thank you for sharing this very useful links. I was not able to download Vol V due to the LDS site being down for maintenance. Will attempt at a later date..

  3. Thanks for your links! I mentioned your blog recently in a class on Hispanic colonial migration. The “Pasajeros a Indias” volumes cover the 16th century. There is another list for the 17th century that is found in FamilySearch as images only. You have to go to a Family History Center to view the images. The title of the work is “Pasajeros a Indias : libros de asientos” and covers 1509 through 1701. Here’s the link

  4. I would like any information regarding Juan Montes Vigil and his purchase of slaves. He must have at least with one of them, because I survived with 5% Nigerian DNA. How many slaves he had and how many kids he had from them. When a slave was purchased were there written records on the description of the slave? What a brutal history.

  5. Hi, I am looking for the 17th and 18th century information of the "Catálogo de pasajeros a Indias durante los siglos XVI, XVII y XVIII".

    In my search, I have only found the volumes of the 16th century – the 1500s.

    Do you know if the 17th & 18th-century volumes are available anywhere?


  6. Hello
    I am searching for passenger lists of those traveling from Sevilla/Cadiz to Veracruz in 1600. I am (almost) positive that I saw this somewhere before, but now can't find it.
    My ancestor's name was Bartolome' Moya.

    Any direction you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you
    Dan Haggard

  7. I tried to download the volumes of the passenger lists to my computer. It was taking sooo long. Do you have the lists in a book fomat?

  8. Muchas Gracias por tomar el tiempo al ayudar aa muchos a obtener informacion sobre sus origenes

  9. Great resource. I had to do a lot of digging to find the Catálogo de pasajeros a Indias durante los siglos XVI, XVII y XVIII. I found the person I was looking for (year 1599). Do you know how I can find the ship in which he sailed from Spain to Nueva Espana? Thanks

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