March 6, 2019

Last Names of Nuevo Leon Book Series
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

In this post, I provide more information on my new book series titled "Last Names of Nuevo Leon".

This book series main focus is to publish genealogy books about the progenitors of the many last names found in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. If you have roots in Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, and South Texas then these books will be an excellent resource for you.

To kick off this series I have already published eight book and you can see them below.

Last Names of Nuevo Leon Book Series

Click on the above button to find the links to read more about each book or to buy your copies.

These books range from 250 to 600 pages. If you are interested in buying one or just reading more about them you can do so here:

Also, here are the four last names that I have plans on making books about and their projected release date:

Garza - Coming March 2019
Gonzalez - Coming June 2019
Marroquin - Coming September 2019
Tanguma - Comming December 2019

January of next year I will announce the last names for the four books to be published in 2020.

The main purpose of promoting my books here is that I want you to be aware that they are available. When doing genealogy research just knowing and learning about what resources are out there is half the work of finding our ancestors.

By the way, when you purchase any of the above books you are helping this website stay up and running and free for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

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  1. My Grandfather Severo Jaime was born on Sept. 5, 1875 to Jesus Jaime and lived in Guerrero, have you found anything on this family? I have no name for his Mother, I would appreciate it if you could find some info on this family.
    Thank You. Sally Jaime
    Corpus Christi, TX

  2. I was wondering if you have come a cross the name Librado Botello born abt 1860 in Allende, N.L. He was Married to Maria Teresa Aguirre. my great grandfather was Librado Botello and his father’s name was Casildo Botello he was Married to Rafaela Gonzalez. I found there names on my Grandfather’s Birth certificate.
    I found Librado Botello and Maria Teresa Aguirre marriage certificate too. I hit a brick wall on Librado and Casildo Botello abt 1824 and Rafaela Gonzalez abt 1834.

    Thank you

    Soledad Ca.

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