February 6, 2013

66 Descendant Family Trees To Help You Find Your Mexican Ancestors
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

In this post, you will find 66 Descendant Family Trees To Help You Find Your Mexican Ancestors that were created by John Inclan. I came across this invaluable resource several years ago.

These 66 Descendant Family Trees compiled by John Inclan are being hosted by Somos Primos.

Time and time again I keep referring back to them.

If your family is from the Northeastern Mexican states and you have traced your family tree about five to six generations back you will have no problems linking up to these Family Trees.

Always remember to site these trees if you use any information in them, you always want to have the place where your facts came from. 

Just be warned, as with everything, these Family Trees may contain errors but it is the researcher’s job to double check everything. These Family Trees do contain sources but not all facts do.

Here are the 66 Descendant Family Trees To Help You Find Your Mexican Ancestors

  1. Lieutenant Vicente de Alderete and Dona Maria Josefa Garcia de Rivera y Camacho
  2. Don Francisco Javier de Alcorta
  3. Don Francisco Joseph de Arocha and Dona Juana Ramirez Curbelo Umpierre
  4. Captain Francisco Baez de Benavides and Dona Isabel Martinez Guajardo
  5. Captain Juan Esteban de Ballesteros
  6. Don Nicolas Balli Perez II and Dona Josefa Manuela Guerra de la Garza
  7. Alcalde Mayor Fernando del Bosque Almendariz
  8. Captain Pedro Botello de Morales
  9. Dõn Juan Canales
  10. Captain Alberto del Canto
  11. Dõn Juan de Caliz and Dona Catalina Gomez de Coy (Santos Coy)
  12. The Descendants of Captain Bernabe de las Casas And Dona Maria Beatriz Navarro Rodriguez
  13. Don Juan Cavazos del Campo and Dona Elena de la Garza Falcon
  14. Descendants of Dõn Juan Bautista Cavazos Fernandez
  15. Don Juan Bautista Chapa and Dona Beatriz Olivares de Trevino
  16. Don Pedro Duran y Chavez and Dona Isabel de Baca
  17. Descendants of Christopher Columbus
  18. Don Antonio de Ecay y Muzquiz and Dona Vicenta Vera
  19. General Pedro de Elizondo
  20. Don Alonso de Estrada
  21. Don Juan Fernandez de Jauregui and Dona Isauel de Aldama
  22. General Antonio Fernandez y Vallejo
  23. Pedro Flores de Abrego
  24. Don Juan Galindo Morales And Dona Melchora Sanchez Navarro
  25. Don Blas Maria de la Garza Falcon and Dona Beatriz Gonzalez Hidalgo
  26. Captain Pedro de la Garza Falcon y Trevino
  27. Lord Pedro Gonzalez de Mendoza And Lady Aldonza Lopez de Ayala
  28. Don Miguel de Gortari
  29. Don Jose Manuel de Goseascochea and Dona Maria Francisca Xaviera de la Garza y de la Garza
  30. Don Jose Bartolome Inclan Cabrera
  31. Don Jose Luis Jasso and Dona Maria Nicolasa de Luna
  32. Jean Juchereau, Sieur de More
  33. Captain Antonio Ladron de Guevara
  34. Descendants of Captain Pedro Lozano Urquizu & Dona Marianna de la Garza y Rocha
  35. Don Juan Francisco Martinez Guajardo and Dona Ursula Ines Catarina Navarro Rodriguez
  36. Descendants of Don Pedro Miguel Mendez
  37. Captain Francisco de Mier Noriega
  38. Don Juan Perez de Onate and Dona Osana Martinez de Gonzalez
  39. Don J Clemente Perez de Ancira Gonzalez de Paredes
  40. Don Francisco Perez de Escamilla and Dona Leonor de Ayala
  41. Don Lorenzo Perez and Dona Adriana de Leon
  42. Don Joseph de Plaza and Dona Cathalina de Urrutia y Flores de Valdez
  43. Major Diego Ramon
  44. Gonzalo de Reina and Catarina Gumendio y de la Garza
  45. Captain Antonio Rodriguez de Quiroga
  46. Don Manuel de Sada
  47. Don Pedro de Salazar
  48. Don Francisco Sanchez de la Barrera and Dona Maria Duran de Vzcanga
  49. Don Joseph Antonio Seguin and Dona Geronima Flores de Abrego
  50. Descendants of Dõn Juan Alonso de Sosa
  51. Descendants of Don Martin Sosa y Bravo
  52. Chief Constable Vicente Travieso Alvarez
  53. Don Joseph Diego de Tremino y Quintanilla
  54. Don Pedro Uribe y Vergara and Dona Ana Lenor Tovar
  55. Don San Juan de Urrutia y Allende and Dona Casilda Retes y Retes
  56. Don Joseph de Urrutia y Escurta and Dona Francisca Nicolasa Javiera Fernandez de la Garza
  57. Descendants of Don Andress de Valdivielsso
  58. Don Gutierre Vasquez de la Cueva and Dona Francisca de Carvajal
  59. Don Pedro Fernandez de Velasco, 1st Count of Haro
  60. Don Martin de Veramendi and Dona Benita de Olagrie
  61. Descendants of Don Juan Ignacio de Verridi
  62. Alferez Diego de Villarreal and Dona Beatriz de las Casas y Navarro
  63. Captain Diego de Villarreal de las Casas and Ines de Renteria
  64. Descendants of Juan de Villarreal de las Casas
  65. Jose Benito Zambrano
  66. Dõn Nicolas Zambrano Tresalvo

I bet you recognized a few of the above names.

Link to 66 Descendant Family Trees To Help You Find Your Mexican Ancestors

You can view the above trees at 66 Family Trees by John Inclan.

I hope that you found this post, 66 Descendant Family Trees To Help You Find Your Mexican Ancestors, useful and informative.

Let me know with a comment of the Genealogical treasures you find or have found in these Descendant Family Tress. 

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    1. Hi Victoriano, what information do you need about them? I found Vicentas’s death certificate and you can see it here https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/J6WN-YX9 her parents are listed as Antonio Hernandez and Cevera Fuentes. It also indicates that she was born around 1883 in Montemorelos Mexico. But her baptism record https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/NJZ6-F3L indicates that she was born about 1880 and it also lists her grandparents. To find more information on Regino you need to locate their marriage record in the Civil Registration. Let me know if you need additional help.

      1. Hello Moises
        I am looking for the records of Francisco Flores de Abrego and Maria de los Santos del Bosque
        they married 01/10 1734 Boca de leones nuevo leon family serch shows they have a son named Miguel Farias it doesn’t make sense to me that has a different last name

        1. It does make sense to me. In those days kids could be given any last name. It usually was the fathers but in many cases, we see them with the mothers or of one of the grandparents.

  1. Hi,

    My sister and I are interested to know more about our mom’s family who were originally from the Monterrey area of Nuevo Leon, but we can never find any information on them. All we really know is our grandmother was Selma Guerra (maiden name) born in 1913, her mother was Maria Guerra (maiden name Bailon), Maria was married to Jose Guerra, and Maria’s parents were Juan Bailon and Isidra Gonzalez. That’s all the information we have about our mom’s side of the family, not much! Do you have any record of any of them? If not, any suggestions on where we should look? Thanks.

  2. I have been trying to locate my grandmothers parents…their names would have been Don Ricardo Puebla and Dona Dolores Haro…from Hermosillo, Sonora or Ures, Sonora…my grandmother was born in 1889 she had a sister Jesus and a brother Ricardo (he was a judge in Hermosillo until 1979-80 about I may have years off a bit)…cannot find “anything” on Haro’s or Puebla’s when I look I get the town of Puebla…very frustrating..
    Any help you can give to point me in direction of research would be a great help.
    Thank you

    1. I would recommend searching for them at FamilySearch and also manually browsing the Civil Registration records for your grandmothers birth record either in Hermosillo or Sonora which ever is nearest to where she was born. You can browse the available towns here.

      Good Luck,

      Moises Garza

  3. Hi Moises,

    I’ve been researching my husband’s family. I found his great grandmother. Her name was Guadalupe Elias. She married Joseph Rothenhausler. They were from Magdalena, Sonora. I know that they were claimants to the Rancho Los Nogales land grants. I’m trying to find out who Guadalupe’s parents/ancestors were.

    Any information……please.

    Thank you

  4. Hi —

    I have a pretty good handle on my ancestors EXCEPT for my mother’s maternal line. Her father was Emiliano Chavez, born in 1901 in Arizona (she believes in Pima?) to Clemente Chavez (b. abt 1879 in Mexico) and Petronila Madrid (b. abt 1881 in NM). In 1900, I believe they were living in Morenci, AZ territory. I believe Emil’s siblings were RG Chavez, Nacecrio, and Modesta. Would love to figure out where Clemente was from, and the names of his father and mother, but I don’t have a marriage certificate or much else at all! Help?

  5. I don’t, unfortunately. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. All I know is that Petra and Clemente were in Morenci, AZ (he was a miner) by 1900, according to the census.

    1. The only thing I can think of is to try and find a death certificate for him in Arizona, it may contain his parents names and place of birth. I have not done any research in Arizona so I would not know where to start.

  6. I am looking for information of the crossing the border from Mexico through Nogales Arizona of my mother Librada Yriarte Gonzalez in early 1920s.
    Thank you
    Arnold Tiscareno

  7. Hi Moises Garza,

    I’m looking for on my Great Grand Parent from SLP Mexico:
    Martina Guzman & Roman Vasquez (Circa 1874). I’ve acquired the 1930 census & all websites have no other info than what I have entered in. My dad says he was in an hacienda & escaped to El Real de Catorce where he met my Great Grandmother Martina. Any information would Greatly be appreciated.

    Thank You,

    1. I did a quick search but could not locate them. Try to find their marriage record on the civil registry. That may provide more clues as to whom their parents might have had been. I would start in Real de Catorce area.

  8. Can’t see familiar family from the 66 descendants, but need help finding by great, great grandfather Felix Mendez.My great grandmother Jovita was born in 1867 in Ocampo, Guanajuato. She was married in 1883 in Romita, GTO. Marriage record indicates Felix was already deceased. I’ve searched familysearch and can’t find anything.

  9. Moises, I have found an error in the one I am looking at (Cayetano Canales has the wrong set of parents). Do you think it makes sense to report it anywhere?

  10. Who were the Rodriguez in General Bravo Nuevo León. I have hit a wall with them any assistance greatly appreciated Moises ….

    1. I am not sure but, try and look for them in China Nuevo Leon. I think everyone had to register at the church there before General Bravo got it’s own church and or became a municipio.

    2. Servando, I descend from Jesus Rodriguez (1808-1869) and Maria Barbara Gonzalez (1815-1891) from General Bravo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Their son, Santos Rodriguez (1841-1925) was the first of my Rodriguez ancestors to move to South Texas in the early 1920’s. Santos was my great great grandfather. If these names sound familiar to you, maybe I can help.

  11. WOW!!!! Absolutely amazing information. I entered the names into GENI and found so many connections, a lot of which I already new and a lot of new ones.

  12. I am searching for my g-grandmother. Thru ancestry I found cousins who shared pictures of her. I had never seen a pic of her. Problem is her parents are unknown and would like to find who her family was. She married young and may have married 3 times. Her name was Lena Gables. Born in Durango, Mexico in 18i8 or 1890. She married Felipe Martinez in 1905 in La Fayette TX. I can’t find death cert. for him. She is listed in marriage license as Lena Morales. In 1917 she married my grandfather Valente Rodriguez. She passed away in 1959 in Burleson. Any ideas as to how to search for more info? Also, on gedmatch.com it seems that my grandparents were related it says about 6 generations ago. Now I m super confused

    1. I fyou ahve her date of birth or names of parents look for her on the birth records for Durango. Also join our Durango group on facebook. For Texas death records search familysearch.org

  13. Hello,
    I am looking for ancestors of my 2nd Great Grandfather, Valentin Casillas born in 1875 possibly in Zacatecas. Married to Candelaria Rodriguez. I was not able to find much as I heard records were destroyed during Mexican revolution.

  14. Hi i dont know if this website is still up but i been working on my family tree for quite a while and the far as i went is somewhat 1700’s.
    I found info about my 6th great grandpa his name was lorenzo de villarreal or lorenzo de billareal and my great grandma her name was juan maria de leon. I think they were both from zacatecas to be a bit more specific monte escobedo zacatecas or atoloac, Jalisco I’m pretty much stuck at this point. I dont know if we have any connections to the family on Monterrey or spain.
    well thank you so much for your help 🙂

  15. I am trying to find out if Alferez Diego de Villarreal and Dona Beatriz de las Casas y Navarro are ancestors to Francisco I. Madero or Venustiano Carranza. Thank you.

    1. Very good question. In the small town that my grandfather comes form “El Arcabuz” people say that we are related to Francisco I Madero but no one has provided proof. Your question is interesting and I hope someone has the answer.

    2. I just ran into your question, but the answer is yes, they are related. Beatriz is the7th. great grandma to him.

  16. Most of my early families are from Tamaulipas with records in Nuestra del Refugion however records only go back to 1800. Antonio Flores about 1766 and wife Zeferina Cantu are not in the Tamaulipas records. Don’t know where to locate them or who has records from 1700. I have no clue who their
    parents were.

    1. Where is Nuestra del Refugio located at? Also when was the town founded? If it was in early 1800’s research as to where those early families came form and then go looking in those towns for records.

  17. Do you ever just go directly to Cohen Genealogy Site ar Rootsweb, Mexico, South America to look up records..
    I couldn’t find my great-grandfather, Manuel Barrientes (Barrientos) bautismo..
    After a year of searching, sat down and started searching from 1870-1880..
    His birth was estimated at 1880..
    No luck, until i hit 1876..
    A Manuel Banudos… there he was…
    How the heck they got Banudos out of Barrientos was in the ears of the writer..
    Took me over a week of going through so many records to find Manuel…

  18. My father Pedro Flores Betancur , he died October 1991 in Monterey ,I just can’t seem to find a connection with family members out there or in the past maybe you can help me. If you can help me at your convenience thank you appreciate it I do know that he has family in Galeana Nuevo Lion his mothers name is Aurora Garza

  19. I am looking for information about Manuel Chavez-Revilla born in Oputo, Sonora in 1930, also if he had any children besides Ana Chavez-Maendele. He may even still be alive. He is my grandpa and was last known to be living in Caborca, Sonora. Any information will be appreciated!

  20. Hello Moises,
    Do you know if John D Inclan published a book with these genealogies? If so, do you by chance have an idea where I can find it? I’m trying to find a printed copy of the descendants of Alonso de Estrada somewhere. WorldCat shows that there are copies in Arizona, San Antonio, and Houston, but when I try doing a lend from their library to mine they say this resource is non-circulating. Any tips?

  21. I am looking for my great grandparents, Modesto Ramirez and Cruz Ruiz from Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, MX. I believe my great grandmother, Cruz Ruiz ( I do not know if that is her full name), was from Montemorelos NL . They had two children that I know of, my grandmother Guadalupe
    Ramirez and Jose Ramirez.

  22. I am related to both the Garza and Carvahal families of Nuevo Leon, based on dna evidence. One dna pattern was a surprise. On m y paternal line (Y dna) I match a relative of the Portuguese Carvahal family and a relative of the Mexican Garza family. In other words they are genetically related to each other. The Carvahal match is from England and his line was never in Mexico. My line was always Jewish and never in Mexico. I am aware that Carvahals changed their surname to Garza in Nuevo Leon. I wonder if the genetic connection goes back to Iberia. Marcos Garza was from Huelva and Garza was his mother’s line. I am not sure but I think his paternal line was Sosa in Spain and before that Sousa in Portugal

    1. We are descendants from Garza, dela Garza, Falcon, Arcon, etc. from Lepe, Spain. In 2010 the Garza family had a small reunion and I researched what I could find thru internet. Marcos Garza that you mentioned is somewhere in all the paperwork I copied. I’ve tried to go back a few months ago without having to go thru memberships at Ancestry.com but now cannot find the same info I found nine years ago. I made copies of what I found but made a lineage only of our maternal grandfather’s side: Eusebio Garza (married to Florinda Villarreal) who lived along the Rio Grande, across from Los Ebanos, Texas. My records went back to late 1500’s. I believe we are of Jewish descent because first couple I found had child (son) a few months after arriving in Mexico from Spain (likely fleeing Spain/edict against Jews). Personally I am against giving dna.

  23. Hi Mr Garza. I recently found out that I am a descendant of Juan Bautista Chapa which is from my paternal grandmothers side but I have been looking for my paternal grandfathers side. My great grandfathers name was Brigido Garza. He was from Sabinas Hidalgo Nuevo León Mexico. My grandfather was Jose Maria Garza Rios, my father Raymundo Garza Chapa.

    1. My family histort is all over Tamapulipas Guerrero Mexico. I can not find any information on them past Antonio Reyes and Maria Garza-Reyes. (1836-1906 era)

  24. I need help in tracking down and getting past the person that I am stuck on (María Clara Betancourt). I have literally been looking/researching this line for about one year, but I can’t seem to find anything on her – including the birth of her daughter. She did not marry her daughter’s father (Juan Torres). Her daughter’s name is Maria Longina Betancourt who later on began using the last name of her father. Longina Torres married Ventura (Buenaventura) Aquino Reyes (parents Fabian Theodoro Manuel Torres Reyes [Manuel Reyes] & Maria Dorotea Quintaro Aquino [Maria Dorotea Aquino]). Ventura & Longina went on to have 10 children – one of who is my great-grandmother (Francisca Reyes). I’m not sure why I can’t find anything past her, but I certainly would appreciate any help I can get.

  25. Hello im a descendent of Juan Chapa. I am also Villarreal on my fathers side. His name was Jacinto Villarreal born in 1922 died 1981 I cant seem to find his tree anywhere.
    Feel totally lost.I am related to Chapa through my grandmothers side her name is Victoria Salinas husband Felipe Casas.

  26. Hello Moises i just wanted to know about my fathers family side dont know much about it.

    My father’s name : Cruz Garza garcia 5/3/22-10/9/06
    My grandfather’s name : Diego Garza-Garcia married to Maria de los angeles Garcia

    If you can help will be much appreciated 🙂

  27. Hello! I am looking for my Bravo family line. My 2nd great grandmother Josefa Bravo Umaran was born in Tlacoltapan, Veracruz about 1839. Her parents were Juan Bravo and Leandra Umaran. Josefa married Manuel Maria Vazquez Franco in Veracruz. Any help tracing either Bravo or Umaran (maybe Eumaran) would be greatly appreciated!

  28. Hi Moises. I am a descendent of Jose Ysidro Salazar Martinez born 1772 and Maria Juana Vicenta Cavazos Ballesteros 1778. They are my 4th gg parents 4 times. They were from Loma Prieta Nuevo León. Is there any thing written about this couple? I know he had 9 children. There was obviously endogamy in this branch. Consequently they are my 4th gg parents 4 times. Is there an way you can some how email me John IInclán email? Or maybe you can forward this message to him. I would love to get in touch with him.
    Thank you so much.

    1. I do not have Johns email at hand but Isidro Salazar left a will dated 1-30-1828 in Santiago Nuevo Leon, Mexico. I have 10 children listed for them on my database. Do you happen to know the names of the parents of Maria Juana Vicenta Cavazos Ballesteros?

  29. Hello Moises! I am interested to know who are the people on your figured photo. i am also working on my tree (ALANIS/SALINAS). The young man on the photo looks almost identical to 2 of my uncles. Most of my mothers side were born in Tamaulipas (rancho de San Antonio) if i am not mistaken. i have made it up to what i believe to be my 4th great grandmother (Maria Bartolome) Hope to hear from you soon!

    1. It’s interesting that you mention that. The above photo belonged to my grandmother through the Marroquin side and we think that the photo is from the Rancho Viejo, La Sandia, or San Antonio de Reyna.

  30. Wow, my grandfather was born there, as much of his family was, his name is Felix Alanis (Mother was Tomasita and Father was Enrique). I have a photo of them as well as others from when they lived there i just couldn’t attach them. Thanks for responding! Hopefully I can find the link because the resemblance is mind blowing. If you come across anything please let me know! thanks again!

  31. Looking for birth/christening/death records for Sebastian Chavez and Sara Royal (? spelling) married to each other. Son Eugenio born in San Antonio, TX around 1865-1867. Family stories say
    Eugenio may have had a twin sibling but died in infancy
    Sara was from Ireland
    Sebastian was deceased prior to Eugenio’s age of 13-16
    Sara supposedly died in San Antonio; don’t know where Sebastian died. Having hard time tracking them down especially since there was another Sebastian Chavez in San Antonio around same time frame. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

  32. I am looking for my Maternal Great Grandmother Librada Moreno Huerta who married Ysidro Olvera Castaneda in 1881. They were in the Lerdo, Durango Mx area. She had Jose Moreno Olvera, Jose Julian Olvera Moreno, Jose Avelino Olvera and my grandmother Margarita Olvera Moreno who married Jose Martin Alvarado who changed his name to Martin Sanchez. They went on to have 12 children and 9 who survived to adulthood. I am trying to find my ancestors. My maternal great grandparents were Maria Petra Sanchez and Hesiquio Alvarado. I do not have their other last names .

  33. Hola Primo,
    For the life of me I couldn’t match us up on your family tress you blessed us all with at a conference in San Antonio last year.

    But I realized it was right in front of me the whole time! Beatriz Hidalgo 🙂 So now I will follow that trail to confirm:) I thank you for your sessions, I wish I was not sick or I would attend another – you and crispin have been amazing! I suggest EVERYONE to get your books and see you and crispin in person! Thank you primo for your dedication to our familia and historia:) ¡Claro que si! Somos Primos!

  34. hi, my surname is mungaray. i haven’t been able to find any information on this last name. some members of my family speculate that it could be of basque origin because of my great great grandfather who was said to have come to sonora mexico shortly after the french mexican war. any idea where this name could’ve come from?

    1. You will not find this name anywhere in the world but in large clusters in Arizona and northern mexico. Some of the more recent generation are in TX and CA. There are no immigration records for this name. Which leads me to the fact that I have have been told it comes from an Apache phrase and is Apache in origin.

      1. More on the topic of Mungaray, Additional research is showing the name may be a basque phrase used to describe the Apaches in the area of Northern Mexico. Which makes sense as there are Apaches today that go by the sir name of Mungaray from this region and there where a very large number of Spanish basque in the Nuevo Leon ( Sierra Madre) area of Mexico back in the days. It's looking more and more like this is not a basque sir name as there are no immigration records for this name. But a basque phrase used to label a group of local native American folks. One other thing found in ancestry records is the dropping of an "a" in the name by some of the families in the late 1800s early 1900's. So, Mungaray & Mungary are the same name with the same origin. No one knows why the "a" was dropped. One hypothesis is that the Apaches were being hunted down on the both sides of the boarder at the time and this change in the name would allow them to not automatically be identified as an Apache. It's funny, with or without the extra "a' the name seems very similar so not sure how effective this was in practice. This whole topic of Apaches living free in northern Mexico even after the surrender of Geronimo is very fascinating and maybe this is just a miro story to that bigger historical picture. – The Bronco Apache!


  36. Hola Moisés, estoy buscando el matrimonio de Irineo Zamora y Juana Cano, casaron alrededor de 1820 en Reynosa, Tamaulipas

  37. my great grand father Fransico perez in veracruz mexico. My great grand father fought in the mexico revolution

  38. I really want to know the family tree came? Is it from Mexico or Spain. Looking forward to hearing from you… i really appreciate it.

  39. I am trying to discover the relationships of all the Noriegas massacred at San Pedro de la Cueva, Sonora, Mexico on 2 Dec 1915.

  40. Hello. I hope all is well. I am looking for my grandmothers parents. My grandmother parents name are Isidro santos and Juana campos. They lived in San Marcos Guerrero, Mexico. They had a daughter name Julia santos who was born in San Marcos. That’s why I am assuming her parents are from there. Julia santos came to America when she was 16 but no immigration picture was attached to her papers. I want to see if there are any pictures of her parents or even her? Maybe find some relatives if there’s.
    Thank you

  41. Teodora Valtierra died around Sept 27,1942 age 62 Silao , guanajuato. There are no records, while her husband Cipriano Cabrera died in 1965 in silao is the same also, people once ask him to be mayor, to busy shipping is watermelons across Mexico. Where do I go here.

  42. Hello I am trying to find info on my ancestor Mexican general Pedro elizondo Gonzalez. My family is from San Diego Texas. I appreciate any pointers or any help

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