June 23, 2012

8 Websites Where You Can Find Your Mexican Ancestors
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

In this post, I will provide you with 8 Websites Where You Can Find Your Mexican Ancestors. These eight websites are the ones that I visit over and over again.

They are also a great place for you to start searching for your Mexican Ancestors.

Towards the very end of this post, I also provide you with other excellent posts to help you out more.

I also included my book recommendation so that you can learn the fast and right way of doing Mexican Genealogy research.

8 Websites Where You Can Find Your Mexican Ancestors

1. Las Villas del Norte

Las Villas del Norte Provides the same benefits of a genealogy society but on a digital platform. Access presentation videos, journals, how-to videos, books, and a community tree with over 139,000 names from South Texas, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, and Tamaulipas. Some names from Mexico, City, Spain, Zacatecas are also included. Las Villas del Norte

2. Nuestros Ranchos

This website focuses only on the Genealogy of Jalisco, Zacatecas, and Aguascalientes. Visit Nuestros Ranchos

3. Raul Longoria

Family website of Raul Longoria with deep roots in South Texas and Mexico. It is an excellent resource for anyone researching their South Texas or Northeastern Mexico Ancestry. It also contains information on ancestors from all over Mexico and other countries. Visit Raul Longoria’s

4. FamilySearch

Best genealogy website ever due to its extensive browsable online documents of Mexican birth, death, and marriage records both from the church and the civil government. Not just great for Mexican Genealogy but great for Genealogy in any country. Visit FamilySearch

5. Mexico GENWeb

Mexico Home page for the GEN Web project. It contains many great resources. Visit Mexico GENWeb

6. The Genealogy of Mexico

Gary Felix’s website about the early settlers of Mexico and History, many other resources too. This website is an authority on Mexican Genealogy. Visit The Genealogy Of Mexico

7. Resources By Mexican State

Ok, this is not a website but a page on our website. The old website that was here became obsolete since the writing of this article. The tile is self-explanatory. Here you will find genealogical links to any state that your ancestors might have come from in Mexico. Visit Resources by Mexican State

8. We Are Cousins

We Are Cousins is an excellent resource for anyone researching South Texas and Northeastern Mexico. Visit We Are Cousins

I hope that you find these 8 Websites Where You Can Find Your Mexican Ancestors as helpful as I have found them to be in my own research.

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Books are an excellent way to learn the fast and right way.

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About the author 

Moises Garza

I have doing my family genealogy since 1998. I am also the creator of this blog Mexican Genealogy, and my personal blog We Are Cousins. To always be up to date with both of these sites follow me on facebook. To contact me or book me for a presentation, buy my books, and or learn more about me visit my personal website at www.moisesgarza.com.

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    1. Thanks for your comment! I agree that GeneaBloggers is a great community and the bloggers I have come to know are great. There is always something interesting to read when ever you follow any member of the community.

  1. Moises, I just found this blog via GeneaBloggers. While I’m not researching Mexican roots myself, I do have some friends who are starting out with such a project, so I’ll be passing along your blog address to them. Best wishes on this new project in your blogging endeavors!

    1. Theresa,

      Familysearch is my favorite of them all. Unfortunately I have found that from time to time some films stop appering on the index search. That is when I have come to rely on the great works of others for clues of where to look in familysearch manually.

  2. I have found at family’s each.org the best tool to gather the roots of the Orozco’s family. Even records from the local church where my grandfather married my gradmother at Santa Maria del Oro, Jalisco ( ca 1911) later on they moved to Atotonilco el Alto.
    Thanks for sharing these new Web sites.

    1. Because our readers are Mexican-Americans who are trying to find their roots in Mexico and it’s Spanish colonial era. If you search for Mexican Ancestry in Spanish you will find many Mexican websites dedicated to this topic.

  3. Trying to find where I can trace my family back to their Exile from spain or Portugal but I believe it was Spain. They were Sephardic Jews conversos that pretended to be Catholic from the Spanish Inquisition. Families that did not convert were burned alive by the order of Ferdinand and Isabella. Most of my family just assimilated into the Catholic faith dropping judaism completely over the centuries. Trying to find how I can connect my family back to that time. It’s been passed down orally through generations that this is where we came from. My family was last living in the state of Michoacán prior to immigrating to the United States. Any help is appreciated.

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