August 7, 2013

Always Keep Learning About Genealogy
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

Always Keep Learning About Genealogy especially Mexican genealogy resources that are out there and also about methods that you can apply to your own research.

Learning is essential to finding our ancestors. You never know when you will come across a clue or an idea/method that will help you bring down your brick walls.

Six Places to Always Keep Learning About Genealogy

The following are places that I use to find resources and find materials to keep on learning.

  • FamilySearch Mexico Wiki – A community website whose main purpose is to help people throughout the world learn how to find their ancestors. Here you can learn how to find, use, and analyze Mexican records of genealogical value. Its content is targeted to beginners, intermediate, and expert researchers.
  • Google – Google is your best tool to learn about Mexican Genealogy since it is the biggest gateway to the internet and has billions of pages indexed and many great resources can be found there.
  • Mexican Genealogy – If you have Mexican Ancestry this is the best place to start your Mexican Genealogy and is an excellent resource for anyone doing Genealogy Research in Mexico. Also get help getting started in Mexico Genealogy.
  • Facebook – As previously mentioned Facebook has many groups dedicated to Genealogy, family history, and many regional pages. Following them is essential you never know what you might learn.
  • WorldCat – You can use it to find books about Genealogy and also many books about how to get started in genealogy. This website will help you locate the material you want in a library near you.
  • Geneabloggers – Contains a huge listing of Genealogy blogs, I follow many of them to get ideas of how other people do research and I always learn about new resources or ideas on how to search for my ancestors. I highly recommend that you find some active blogs, posting daily or weekly, and follow them with an RSS reader.

These are some but not all that is out there. Remember that Genealogy is something that you learn how to do and also you need to keep up to date with advances in this field.

I know that you are on the right path since just by reading the blog posts on this website you already have ample knowledge to get you on the right track.

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About the author 

Moises Garza

I have doing my family genealogy since 1998. I am also the creator of this blog Mexican Genealogy, and my personal blog We Are Cousins. To always be up to date with both of these sites follow me on facebook. To contact me or book me for a presentation, buy my books, and or learn more about me visit my personal website at

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Villarreal Last Names of Nuevo leon

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  1. Thanks so much for all your information…….. my husband was not well so I have not being doing as much research as I would like…….. things looking better, thank God , so after this week, will get busy, can’t wait to go to Mission meeting…. so exited that you’re a Garza which is my paternal grandmother’s last name and also Chapa, all from Monterrey….. hope to see you….. stay blessed !

      1. Wow
        Moisés ,
        Did not realize that you also had Chapa as one of your last names ..
        I do too…

        Águeda Longoria Chapa that married
        Salvador Vela Olivares
        One of their daughters, Josefa Vela Longoria married Juan Antonio Solis Flores
        their son
        Juan Jose de Solis married to Gertrudis Hinojosa Gonzales daughter of Jose Crisostomo Hinojosa de la Garza and Margarita gonzales de Ochoa..
        Juan Jose de Solis and his wife Gertrudis Hinojosa Gonzales were one of the 14 families to colonize San Juan de los Esteros or present day Matamoros, Tamaulipas as well as Rancho el Soliseño….
        They are my 5th great grandparents on my maternal-paternal lineage …

        1. Hello Nilda, I have Juan Jose de Solis and Josefa Vela in my database. I also have Salvador Vela and Agueda Longoria with a daughhter named Maria Josefa Vela born about 1743. Do you have arecord that confirms that these two Josefa’s are the same so that I can link them up?

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