January 27, 2015

Encyclopedia of Municipalities and Delegations for Mexico
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Researching the area where our ancestors lived will tell you about the nearest towns and also about the town that is considered to be the head of the municipality. The Encyclopedia of Municipalities and Delegations for Mexico is a great resource to help with this research.

Also, remember that these towns are equivalent to what we have here in the United States known as county seats. And as you may know, county seats always hold all the records for the county. That is the same case in Mexico.

Here is a short example of how to get started researching a particular area.

When I come across a town name, for any of my ancestors, I always like to search for it on Google maps. Google maps will tell me the municipality that it belongs to and then I can use the following resource “Enciclopedia de Los Municipios y Delegaciones de Mexico” to find the head of its municipality and learn more about the municipality.

Remember that a historical overview research will provide you with valuable information. Once you find the head of the municipality that is where you go next to find additional records concerning my ancestors.

Encyclopedia of Municipalities and Delegations for Mexico

Encyclopedia of Municipalities and Delegations of Mexico is a work of research to rediscover the richness and characteristics of each of the municipalities located throughout the country in monographs of 2,440 municipalities that make up the 31 states of the Mexican Republic and 16 delegations of Mexico City.

The work consists of 32 sections -an entity federative- content classified by state and municipalities.

Encyclopedia of Mexican Municipalities and Delegations for Mexico

The thematic structure contains classified and systematized information alluding to its nomenclature, history, physical, socio-demographic profile, social and communications infrastructure, economy, culture, tourism and government, which is supplemented with maps, shields, faucets, photographs, charts, statistics, etc.

The publication of the first printed publication of the Encyclopedia of the Municipalities of Mexico was conducted in 1986 by CEDEMUN ( National Centre for Municipal Development) now INAFED ( National Institute for Federalism and Municipal Development ) in coordination with the governments of the States and their municipalities.

The research, in addition, to discover and understand the historical process of each of the States and their respective municipalities has evolved through the years.

Visit the Encyclopedia of Municipalities and Delegations for Mexico

Use the following link or click on the image above.


FYI: This resource is flash intensive and your browser may not run it properly. on firefox I had t give flash permission to run by right clicking and clicking on “Run-This PlugIn”.

Hope that you like this resource and have fun researching your ancestor’s native municipalities and or delegations if they lived in Mexico City. Let me know in the comments section of this blog post about your experience using this resource.

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