June 27, 2013

Find Ancestors With Facebook Profiles, Pages, and Communities
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In this post, I provide you with the reasons on how to find ancestors with Facebook profiles, pages, and communities.

Up to this date, I am still amazed at the wealth of information that is available on Facebook.

If you do not have Facebook you might want to get an account to use solely for Mexican genealogy research. I know that many of you may not think that Facebook can be a genealogy resource and much less another tool for your genealogical research arsenal.

In fact, Facebook provides the family historians and the professional genealogist with three different types of resources.

These resources are Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages, and Facebook Communities.

Find Ancestors With Facebook Profiles, Pages, and Communities

Facebook Profiles

Everyone that has Facebook automatically has a profile page. It is very likely that many of your family members already have Facebook and thus you can search for their profiles. The genealogical information you can usually gather from their profiles is immense.  You can find their School name and their graduation year, their date of birth, and in some cases, you can find out whom their extended family is if they have tagged other people as their relatives. You can also expect to find information whenever a new family member is born as well as funeral information when one passes away.

Facebook Pages

This is another great resource offered by Facebook. There are many great Facebook pages that focus on various areas within South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy and History. Here are some pages that you should be following since they offer excellent photos, stories, resources, and family history. These pages also provide a great opportunity for its users and visitors to easily post pictures, stories, current events, history, and even obituaries or death notices for the community.

Most of the people that run these Facebook pages and Communities have deep roots in those towns and know the surrounding area and the families that live there. Many of them are family historians and genealogists. To follow Facebook pages all you have to do is like the page and you will start seeing their status updates on your wall.

Facebook Communities

Facebook communities are a little different than pages. Some are by invitation only and others are open to the public. I only found the following to be very useful to me. I am sure that their popularity will grow as time passes by. What is great about communities is also the wealth of information and seem to be more interactive than pages. Just like Facebook Pages, they also provide access for its users and visitors to easily post pictures, stories, current events, history, and even obituaries or death notices for the community

Be sure to search for communities that may be able to help in your research or area of interest.

Have you searched for your Mexican ancestor’s town on Facebook?

You will be surprised, many times someone is already managing a page or community on Facebook about those towns, and many times you will find a friendly face between their members. I use this resources on a daily basis, I have also found pictures of several brothers of my great-grandfather and even very old class pictures of the local school. Not to mention old photos of its people and its buildings thus providing a glimpse into the past.

I have also found distant cousins that I did not know I had. By the way don’t be afraid to ask questions and or participate. Since being an active member will be more rewarding.

If you search and you can not find your ancestors town on Facebook Pages, then create that page and post what you know and I bet that in a short time you will get like-minded people who are also interested and they will post what they know.

As you can, this is just an example of how to Find Ancestors With Facebook Profiles, Pages, and Communities. It is also a great resource for genealogists and family historians. Also, remember there are state websites, and municipality websites so make sure to search for those too. Happy hunting and have fun! By the way Please share this on Facebook if you found it useful and also please like our Facebook page. Thanks in advance!

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