July 10, 2013

Start Your Own Blog and Share Your Mexican Genealogy
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Have you ever wanted to publish or share your stories, genealogical information, and family history with others? If you have then you should Start Your Own Blog and Share Your Mexican Genealogy.

If you have thought about this and have no idea how to do it just keep on reading. I will let you know why creating a blog is perfect for helping you find family and long-lost distant cousins.

Let’s start by explaining what a blog is.

What is a Blog

Wikipedia describes it as – A blog (a contraction of the words web log) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).

An example:

  • www.wearecousins.info – My own personal blog about South Texas and Northeastern Mexico where I document resources and my own family genealogy.

Why Create a Blog

A blog is a perfect platform to Start Your Own Blog and Share Your Mexican Genealogy information, photos, and family history of your family. It is ideal to share all this information with others. A blog is also ideal since you can only share what you want at your own pace. You can share as often as you want.

Also, the benefits of a blog are immense, you will meet distant cousins, and also help you increase your level of documentation when it comes to your own ancestors. It is also a perfect networking tool.

Besides, it is a platform that is used by millions of Bloggers worldwide.

What to Share?

I know that at the beginning this can be intimidating and have no idea of what you should or should not share. I started by only sharing family group information and then posting resources that would help others in their research. Finally, I have shared copies of original documents with their transcription, family photos, and family stories.

I have also run into some skeletons and sensitive information and have opted to keep these private in order to avoid needless trouble with relatives. My main rule is that I ask myself “Would my mother be embarrassed to read my blog? If the answer is yes, don’t share it.

I am Interested, How do I Start a Blog?

What I recommend that you do is start with a free service to test it out. Once you determine that you are in for the long run, you can use a paid option but not necessary as I will later explain.

Free Blog Platforms

I will only talk about two of them since they are the ones that I have used and can really recommend with confidence.

  • Blogger – Is owned by Google and is easier to use with a straightforward interface. This is the one where WeAreCousins (my personal blog) started. Perfect for starters and advanced users. It also lets you use your own domain name.
  • WordPress.com – WordPress is just a bit harder to use but it might provide you with additional features that Blogger won’t. Has limited templates to change the look and feel of the website.

Self-Hosting Your Own Blog

If what you want is to be able to have more flexibility and have your blog work harder for you then you might want to host your own blog. WordPress.org is perfect for this and I highly recommend it since that is what I use for this website and also my own blog.

  • WordPress.org – Allows you to download the software that is made and used by wordpress.com but this is for more advanced users since you will need a domain name, hosting space, and be able to upload the WordPress installation files. This option provides thousands of templates and many paid templates are also available.

Affiliates of Mexican Genealogy

  • Bluehost – This is what I use to host this website, they are perfect to host your own blog since they can register your domain name, host your blog, and provide a one-click install for WordPress. You can set up a blog in less than five minutes.
  • Godaddy – This is what I use to host my domain names, they also provide hosting services but you need to use an FTP Tool to upload WordPress.

I hope that you found this post, Start Your Own Blog and Share Your Mexican Genealogy, useful and that it also guides you on the right path to creating your own blog to share your genealogical information. Remember that the more blogs out there about Mexican ancestors the better we all are. Please also share this post using the icons on the bottom, thanks in advance!

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About the author 

Moises Garza

I have doing my family genealogy since 1998. I am also the creator of this blog Mexican Genealogy, and my personal blog We Are Cousins. To always be up to date with both of these sites follow me on facebook. To contact me or book me for a presentation, buy my books, and or learn more about me visit my personal website at www.moisesgarza.com.

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