October 14, 2014

Genealogy Resources for Estado de Mexico
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

The following is a list of Genealogy Resources for Estado de Mexico that I have found that can be used to do genealogical research for that state.

The origin of the modern state of Mexico is the reorganization of Aztec lands starting after the Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire. These lands were first called the “audencia” of Mexico and included Mexico City, to also include much of modern states of Guerrero, Morelos, and Hidalgo. As the Spanish expanded their control west and south, the entirety was called “New Spain” with all former Aztec lands being called “Mexico.” New Spain’s organization would change over the course of the colonial period, but the territory of the Aztecs would keep the name “Mexico”.

As per my research, you can expect to find records going all the way back up until 1567.

Catholic Church Records

Civil Registration Records

Facebook Pages or Groups

History of Estado de Mexico

Information about Municipios of Estado de Mexico

  • 125 Municipios – Page that contains a map of Estado de Mexico and all of its municipios.

Estado de Mexico Leon Genealogy Forums

  • Could not locate any Genealogy Forums for the State of Mexico.

Estado de Mexico State and Church Archives

Websites Focusing on Estado de Mexico Genealogy Research

  • Javier Sanchiz (IIH-UNAM) + Víctor Gayol (CEH-ColMich) – “Families novohispanas. A network system” Academic Project coordinated by Javier Sanchíz and developed since April 2007 at the Institute of Historical Research. National Autonomous University of Mexico; and since October 2013 in collaboration with Victor Gayol (Center for Historical Studies-El Colegio de Michoacán)

I am fully aware that there are more Genealogy Resources for Estado de Mexico out there but this is a start. As I come across more Genealogy Resources for Estado de Mexico I will be posting them on this page. Also if your favorite resource is not mentioned here please send me an email I would love to include it.

Genealogy Resources for the Other Mexican States

Mexican Genealogy Resources by State

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