February 14, 2014

Academic Project “Familias NovoHispanas, Un Sistema de Redes”
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

“Familias NovoHispanas, Un Sistema de Redes” is an excellent resource to help you trace your Mexican Ancestry and help you with your Mexican Genealogy Research.

Through the course of researching my own ancestry, I have come across over and over again with this genealogical database. It has helped me immensely and has also helped my while conducting research for others.

 “Familias NovoHispanas, Un Sistema de Redes” is basically one huge family tree hosted at Geneanet.org by the Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and Centro de Estudios Históricos-El Colegio de Michoacán.

 Visit Academic Project “Familias HovoHispanas, Un Sistema de Redes”

I highly recommend that you check it out and test drive it to see if it will help you. Just enter your ancestor’s name in the search bar and go from there. Let me just warn you this resource does not list any sources of where their material came from but the information is very accurate. You still have to do your work of following up with the clues to find the original documentation and if you don’t want to at least cite this website as being your source.

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  1. I do enjoy this web site. I wish the research would be done in Merida. I have been looking for my great grandfather for a year and a half. No luck. Thank you for this web site I like it very much.

  2. I’m sorry, I can’t find the page of familiar novohispanas 😔 … I just found the page of geneanet and I don’t know if that is actually the page you are talking about.. any help very appreciated! 😊

  3. Hola, porque cambio? mi bisabuela me temo que ya no esta en el arbol familiar y quisiera saber que paso? porque ademas el arbol no lo puedo ligar con la de mi familia porque mi bisabuela desaparecio, es una pena

  4. Moises – thank you for all your time and info.

    It’s my understanding that my grandfather went to the university of Vera Cruz, Mexico but I have been unable to get a hold of anybody that can help me verify that information. Do you know the best way I can find more info?

    Also I have a picture from 1923 of my grandfather with other distinguished military people of power from Mexico City. It’s my understanding that my grandfather was good friends with Maximino Ávila Camacho and Rafael Ávila Camacho and new Manuel. I would just like to dig up more info. I reached out to historical society and sent the picture but never heard back. I know my grandfather served in the Mexican army and later in office to what capacity I do not know yet!

    1. Maybe the University may have a record of him attending but not sure how you would go about contacting them. AS for his military career maybe try to contact SEDENA to see if they have anything on him. Also, look for Benicio Samuel Sanchez he si a professional genealogist and may help you acquire information in Mexico.

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