January 17, 2024

Conquistador Hernando Cortes Ancestors and Descendants
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In this post you can learn more about the ancestors and descendants of Hernando (Hernan) Cortes and even download a free 21-page report. It is the first in my series of upcoming genealogies on the conquistadors and early families of Mexico.

I have attempted to reconstruct Cortes's ancestry and family group from many secondary sources since I don't have access to or the means to consult primary sources.

Also, does my research have errors? You bet it does since some sources contradict each other, so I can only assume that I have errors due to the sources having inconsistencies. I have looked for a complete genealogy of Hernando Cortes but could not find one. A quick search online for one will produce many but none have sources and to me they lack credibility.

In this I have included the sources to the downloadable report at the end of this article so that serious researchers can follow up and maybe discover or find something new or that I missed. Maybe you may have access to primary records. 

Keep in mind that genealogy is very fluid and not set in stone. A better source may change or clarify the genealogy.

In any case here is the ancestry of Conquistador Hernando Cortes

Ancestors of Conquistador Hernando Cortes

The above is what I could find using reliable secondary sources. Below is a chart of who he married or had children with.

Wives and Children of Conquistador Hernando Cortes

The above shows his children. He mentions all of them in his will dated October 11, 1547, exept for one. The unamed child at the end of the chart, but the source mentioning her may be wrong. 

Download the Genealogy Report for Conquistador Hernando Cortes

This free report is 21 pages and it includes:

Introduction ..... 1
Ancestor Chart for Conquistador Hernando Cortes ..... 3
Ancestors of Conqusitador Hernando Cortes ..... 4
Descendants of Conquistador Hernando Cortes ..... 7
Outline Descendant Report for Conquistador Hernando Cortes ..... 15
Index .....17

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  1. I am interested in the ancestors of Conquistador Hernando Cortes through the Monroy line. My mother's maiden name is Porfiria Monroy Barrera from El Arenal, Hidalgo, Mexico. We have traced that line up to the tenth generation and the name of that ancestor is Juan De Monroy, born in 1629 in Zimapan, Hidalgo, Mexico; married to Maria Ines Gomez (1633) and married on 22 October 1654. The race of both states as "Indigena Otomi."
    Could there be a connection? I read that after the "conquista" the order was to baptize (christen) the indegenous people and change their orginal name to Christian names, thereby registering them with Spanish names. From then on they were forever to be known by their Spanish name. I wonder…

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