July 11, 2018

Mexican Maps by State Dated 1884 - 1886
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

Maps are vital to genealogy research and in this post, you will find 31 Mexican Maps by State Dated 1884 - 1886. They provide a glimpse to towns and villages that may no longer exist or whose name has been changed.

They also provide you with clues as to what surrounding towns you need to look at for records about your ancestors.

Mexican Maps by State Dated 1884 - 1886

The following maps are available at the library of Congress website. when you click on the desired map you will be taken there.

Once there on the bottom left corner of each map there is a drop down box where you will be able to select the resolution that you want to download the map in.


Aguascalientes Mexico State Map

Baja California

Baja California Mexico State Map


Campeche Mexico State Map


Chiapas Mexico State Map


Chihuahua Mexico State Map


Coahuila, Mexico State Map


Colima Mexico State Map

Distrito Federal

Distrito Federal Mexico State Map


Durango Mexico State Map


Guanajuato Mexico State Map


Guerrero Mexico State Map


Hidalgo Mexico State Map


Jalisco Mexico State Map

Mexico State

Mexico State Map


Michoacan, Mexico State Map


Morelos, Mexico State Map

Nuevo Leon

Nuevo Leon, Mexico State Map


Oaxaca, Mexico State Map


Puebla, Mexico State Map


Queretaro, Mexico State Map

San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosi, Mexico State Map


Sinaloa, Mexico State Map


Sonora, Mexico State Map


Tabasco, Mexico State Map


Tamaulipas, Mexico State Map


Territorio de Tepic, Mexico State Map


Tlaxcala, Mexico State Map


Veracruz, Mexico State Map


Yucatan, Mexico State Map


Zacatecas, Mexico State Map

Mexico Map

1884 Map of Mexico

I hope that you found these maps useful and feel free to share this post with anyone that may be interested.

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