March 31, 2015

The Work of Frank Dominguez on La Provincia de Nueva Vizcaya
Last Names of Nuevo Leon

In this post, we feature the work of Frank Dominguez on La Provincia de Nueva Vizcaya. This is a post that Frank Dominguez shared with the Mexican Genealogy Group on Facebook since I did not want for it to just get lost on Facebook.

I just formatted it to make it easier to read and added links to make it easier for the reader. Mr. Dominguez was so kind to share with us a listing of his work transcribing various censuses from la Provincia de Nueva Vizcaya. I hope that you may find it most useful and helpful in case that you are researching any of those mentioned areas.

The Work of Frank Dominguez on La Provincia de Nueva Vizcaya

This is what Frank shared with the Mexican Genealogy group.

To the Mexican Genealogy group, I have transcribed and indexed:

  • the 1768 Parral census,
  • the 1777 Parral census,
  • the 1778 Santa Barbara census,
  • the 1779 San Bartolome census,
  • the 1785 Villa de Chihuahua census,
  • the 1785 Chuviscar census,
  • the 1785 Nombre de Dios (the one near the Villa de Chihuahua) census; all in la Provincia de Nueva Vizcaya.

I have also transribed all of the 1707 “listas de vecinos con sus armas” as found in the Parral archives. I am happy to do lookups for those of you have roots in PNV.

Most of my books are available from the Southern California chapter of the Genealogical Society of Hispanic America (GSHA-SC), one book from the Colorado Society of Hispanic Genealogy (CSHG).

The “listas de vecinos” have been running as a series of articles in the journals of the Olibama Lopez Tushar Hispanic Legacy Research Center (OLTHLRC).

The 1785 census for Chuviscar appeared in the latest journal of the CSHG and the one for Nombre de Dios will appear in a future edition.

You can find Mr. Dominguez in the Mexican Genealogy Group on Facebook. If you have not joined you can find a link to do so here: Mexican Genealogy Facebook Group

I am glad that I was able to share with you the work of Frank Dominguez on La Provincia de Nueva Vizcaya.

Also in the comment area of this post let me know about your research on la Provincia de Nueva Vizcaya, that is if you have done research in that area. Remember Have Fun!

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